Sarah Mortimer

Sarah was born and raised in Utah and is the sixth of seven children. She teaches piano and recently started studying Psychology at Utah Valley University.

Love you


After listening to an inspiring talk given by Daniel in their single's ward, Sarah boldy approached Daniel to inform him just how important she was.

That October Daniel had the Halloween dance of his life when Sarah refused to let him be a wallflower. He asked her out the next day.

First Year

The year that they dated was filled with adventure and learning just how amazing each other were.

The following holiday season they decided they were with the person that they wanted to be with forever, and then the work began!


Daniel proposed on February 18, 2023 with the most delightful scavenger hunt that took them down memory lane over all the adventures they had had together.

The final destination was the Provo City Center Temple where they will start the next chapter of their story.


Daniel Dayley

Daniel was raised in Idaho as the oldest of five children. He studied Computer Science at Utah Valley University and is doing his dream job as a Security Engineer at Qualtrics.